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Return to Modified Routine Care As many are already away, Manitoba has started a phased approach to restoring service. In Phase One, we can now expand our services from seeing emergencies only to routine eye care. The safety of our patients, staff, and optometrists is of top priority and we are undertaking a number of […]

Soak Up The Sun

Soak Up The Sun Cumulative damage from invisible UV light has been linked to cataract development and macular degeneration. Additionally, UV rays can damage the front surface of the eye just like a sunburn. It’s called photokeratitis and is very painful. It requires treatment from your Optometrist! Keep your eyes safe and healthy with our new Sunglass Package! The Sunglass […]

Dr. Letts Says Thank You

Dr. Letts Says Thank You It was my intention to continue to practice until the end of June and mark my 50 years practicing Optometry. However, the Covid 19 Pandemic has changed all our lives in a way that none of us could have ever imagined. With the restrictions placed on our practice to ensure […]